Tried and Tested in February

by Jemma on March 27, 2015

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Tried and Tested

Happy Friday!  Last month I was given the opportunity to try out some fantastic products for the blog.  Always disclosed is whether I have been kindly sent these products for a review or if I’ve purchased them myself to try to share. In all instances, I will express my honest opinions across all products featured, so here’s what I’ve road tested for the blog in February.

10391371_870783636307733_4054870292518200545_nSavse Smoothies

Just look at the vibrant jewel colour of those bottles!  I’m major smoothie junkie, especially now that the temperatures are warming up a bit, I can be a bit funny with smoothies in the winter months.  I’ve seen a lot about Savse smoothies on social media and was genuinely really happy when they contacted me offering me the chance to review their range.

As much as I like to make my own smoothies, it can be a pain sometimes to carry a homemade smoothie in your bag or even buy a decent one whilst you’re out and about.  I do like the convenience of not having to clean out the blender when buying bottled smoothies, but I always worry about the sugar content and suspicious ingredients.  I needn’t have worried with these smoothies as they are cold pressed, 100% natural and are not heat pasteurised like some other smoothie brands on the market.  They use a high pressurised processing method that locks all of the goodness from the fruit and vegetables into the smoothies and eliminates the need for any chemical nasties and additives.  Each brightly coloured bottle is full of different nourishing ingredients that will suit many different taste palates, for me I loved the Super Blue, Green and Purple the most.  You can pick up a Savse smoothie from Boots, Asda and Waitrose for around £2.29 per bottle. 

You can follow Savse on Facebook and Twitter. 


Fit Snack 

Another snack box landed on my doorstep to review last month and this one was a bit different from all the others that I have tried in the past. Fit Snack not only contains some of the major healthy living brands in their boxes, but they also make a lot of their own healthy snacks, which I found really great. Each box has a range of different products that are targeted to different dietary requirements and includes a mixture of full size and sample size products.  Each box is delivered straight to your door via a subscription service that costs $15 a month plus shipping. 

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fat face

Fat Face‘s Activ88 Activewear

To be honest, I’ve never bought anything from Fat Face before.  It’s one of those shops that I always seem to miss out on a shopping trip and I’m not sure why.  When I was contacted to review their new fitness range I really was one really excited to try out some new fitness gear and secondly intrigued by the fact that a fashion brand was bringing out a fitness range.  Something about a fashion brand stepping into the fitness world always interests me, being fashionably fit seems to be popular at the moment.

I love funky exercise clothes and really liked the look of the Activ88 Overhead Hoody and Moonshadow Running Leggings.  The hoodie has been great for chilly early morning runs and for warming up during Pilates, I love that it has thumb holes. The running leggings have a high waist for added support and are extremely comfortable to wear.  I found both items very flattering, easy to wear and didn’t suck me in or feel tight at all due the soft stretchy fabric.  The entire Activ88 range is rather lovely with some great design features such as an inside pocket in the running leggings for your gym card or locker key.  The range is full of muted colour and patterns, which is great if you are looking to inject some colour into your exercise wardrobe, but want to stay clear of some of the more psychedelic prints out there.

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almond butter

Go Nutrition

Don’t you just love it when a big 1kg tub of almond butter lands on your doorstep?  This tub, as well as some quinoa flour and coconut oil, was kindly sent to me by Go Nutrition an online healthy living store.  I loved the huge wholesale sizes that these products came in and you really get better value for money this way.  Pretty much, all the products are reasonably priced in my opinion and are often on promotion depending on what you are looking for.  I recently used their quinoa flour in my Grain-Free Blueberry and Lemon Muffins and have been really impressed with all the products that I received. 

You can follow Go Nutrition on Facebook and Twitter.  

Have you tried any of these brands before?  What did you think of them?  What new healthy living products have you been trying out lately?

What do you think about fashion brands bringing out a fitness range?


Beating your exercise excuses*

by Jemma on March 26, 2015

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Title Matalan-Exercise-Excuses-IG-v4

Now I know that I’m not on my own when after a busy day the last thing you want to do is to start working on that new fitness challenge that you have set yourself.  Sometimes I feel far too tired to workout and opt for a rest day instead.  I do recommend resting and not working out if you are just too exhausted, but on some occasions I know that I’m just being bone idle and need to get my butt in gear. 

Matalan surveyed a proportion of the UK population to identify the top 5 exercise barriers which stop them from getting active.  Subsequently, they created an infographic (below) that provides helpful solutions to try to get people out of their fitness slumps.  According to UK Active, instead of exercising, 59% of the UK are spending more than 10 hours a week watching TV and 64% of adults spending more than 10 hours browsing the internet. I found the amount of time spent in front of the TV and on the internet shocking and I’m probably guilty on both accounts. 

Here are the top 5 exercise barriers identified from the survey: 

1.  I don’t have time

2.  I don’t find exercise fun

3.  I can’t afford a gym membership

4.  I don’t enjoy working out in public places

5.  I’ve not got enough space at home


I love to exercise, but these days I do find it challenging to fit in a decent workout because life just seems to get in the way sometimes.  It can be so hard to find the motivation to workout when you are tired or busy.  At the moment, I’m constantly reminding myself not to feel guilty when I can’t exercise and it’s more about the quality of the workout rather than the quantity. 

Do you use any of the excuses for not working out identified in the survey? How do you overcome your exercise barriers?

How many hours do you think you spend in front of the TV or surfing the internet?

*In collaboration with Matalan


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