Happy Sunday, I hope that you have all had a wonderful week.  Aiden and I have battled colds this week so it has been a bit of a crappy one for us.  Also the weather has been a bit pants too, which means we have been stuck inside for most of this week.  I’m literally climbing the walls now, but thankfully we are both feeling a lot better. 


Baby Aiden has kept all cosy and warm in his super cute Emu boots!

The past couple of weeks Aiden has slept for longer during the day, which means I’ve actually had time to make myself a salad for lunch instead of warming leftovers through or heating up soup.  Yes, seriously!  I tend to eat during his naps or when he’s settled, but if he’s awake and fussy it can be hard to spend time on my meals.


I really appreciated the time to make this delicious salad of mixed leaves, stuffed olives, chickpeas,  leftover roasted sweet potato and squash, feta cheese and manchego cheese.  The cheese and olives were left over from a cheese platter that we had for lunch when my family came to visit during the week.  They’re staying for Christmas this year so it was a great way to decide what cheeses to buy for our usual cheese board.  Everyone agreed that the manchego cheese wasn’t great, but I thought it was quite nice on my salad.


My week wouldn’t be complete without soup.  This was a shop bought one and it was pretty tasty; sweet potato, coconut and chill really go well together.  I had this with a chopped apple on the side and a few slices of cheese.  I tend to have bigger lunches these days to mitigate times when I have to go longer until my next meal if Aiden doesn’t nap or feeds for longer.


This bowl of porridge was epic!  I made simple plain oats and topped it with everything that took my fancy including chocolate Coyo, Chocshot, honey, figs and blueberries.  I will definitely be making this bowl of goodness again and I’m big fan of the chocolate Coyo with a squeeze of Chocshot.


Someone may assume that I’m a bit obsessed with Nakd bars at the moment, especially the new flavours.  They are handy for me to have on hand as a healthy snack, breastfeeding makes you very hungry even in the early hours of the morning.  If you haven’t tried the Bakewell version yet then check out my copycat version that I posted earlier in the week.

I got signed off from my doctor last week at our 6 week check up to work out again, but I really haven’t felt like it this week.  It wasn’t just my cold putting me off I really just had no desire to do anything.  I’m hoping next week I feel more motivated and fit some yoga and walks in.  I know it’s going to be difficult at first trying to fit exercise in my day with a newborn, but I’m going to do what I can and try my best.

Do you have a favourite cheese?  What is the worst cheese that you have ever tried? I’ve always wanted to try a Stinking Bishop, which is meant to be the most stinkiest cheese known to man!

What have you been up to this week?

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Today I have a lovely guest post for you about the recent changes to maternity and paternity leave.  This is a subject that is close to my heart, it was such a shame that Alfie had to return to work after only 2 weeks - by the time we felt settled it was time for him to go back.  I think more leave for fathers on the birth of their baby is definitely necessary as it’s such a special time and 2 weeks just doesn’t seem long enough.

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll know that the lovely Jemma has recently given birth to her first child, the beautiful Aiden Joshua Sebastian! In a previous post, I talked about the various family structures that exist in the UK and the very different, personal reasons to return – or not return – to work after having a baby. The following infographic from Taylor Rose is a really interesting insight into the new changes to maternity and paternity leave (and there are some cool facts about having babies in general on there, too!).


In our modern world, it is true to say that there are an increasing number of single mothers, but that’s not to say that the ‘traditional’ two-parent-family structure doesn’t still exist. All family types are equally valid, but it’s interesting to see how fathers have often long been expected to take a back seat when it comes to the responsibility for taking care of the little ones. Thankfully, in a nod to equality, this is all changing and the laws about maternity and paternity leave are becoming far more reflective of the egalitarian relationships which seem to be on the rise in terms of prevalence.

Whilst these changes will make no difference for some people, it will come as welcome news for others! Now, mothers and fathers, or their respective partners, can actually take ‘shared parental leave’. Mothers can share some of their 52 week entitlement after giving birth with their partner (of any gender). As you can see in the infographic, there are a few requirements that need to be met in order for this to work, but it could really help in cases where the mother feels returning to work sooner would be a better option for her personally, and it’ll be great for those fathers or partnerwho feel some time off to bond with their new son or daughter is what they would like to do.

The average age for having your first baby (29 for women and 32 for men) is also around the time that people’s careers tend to take off. It’s not always appropriate, desired or financially viable to leave work, and so these changes should help if people want to get immediately back on track. On the other hand, if people do want to stop working, these changes should also help to delegate the responsibilities in their new family if they want to.

Remember, you’ve always got rights, and there are always options. This news can either change everything for you – or nothing – and either is fine. Enjoy your new little addition to the family!

 What are your views on maternity and paternity leave?  Do you think that 2 weeks paternity leave is sufficient?


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