Happy Easter Sunday friends, hope you are all enjoying the long weekend.  My lovely husband treated me to these chocolate goodies for Easter.  I started tucking into the mini eggs last night, so good!  They are so addictive and I just couldn’t stop at one.  There is still a few left for today though.  I’ve already envisioned a sugar coma later on this afternoon, but it’s all good! 

We have had a lovely weekend so far, involving catching up with friends and we will be seeing family later on today.  It was lovely having our friends over and playing with their 4 month old munchikin and getting in lots of baby hugs – well it sure made me feel broody!  after a very long catch up we headed into town to a lovely little Thai restaurant and decided to go all with a banquet.


We went all out with the started and ordered at least 2 each between us so we could have a bit of everything, my favourite way of eating.  I chose the prawn steamed dumplings which were a delicious choice.  


For my main I choose the lamb jungle curry which was served with coconut rice.  The curry was lovely, but was a bit watery as I was expecting something a lot more creamier.  Alfie had ordered a duck red curry and we shared these between us. 

My workouts this week looked like this:

Monday – REST

Tuesday – tidying the house from top to bottom – I was so tired afterwards! 

Wednesday – Prenatal yoga session

Thursday – morning gym session (20 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine)

Friday – REST

Saturday –  morning gym session (30 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine) 

Sunday – walking and prenatal yoga routine

Not a bad week for workouts.  I would have like to have squeezed another gym session in, but it was just impossible with the amount of work I have on at the moment.  I haven’t been to a spinning class in ages either.  The original plan was to go every other week as I was struggling to keep up with the class, however now that I’m further along in my pregnancy I don’t think I have a cat in hell’s chance!  I’m loving my current gentle workout routine and think I’m just going to stick with it.

Meals have been very balanced this week too in an attempt to alleviate the impact of all of the chocolate from this weekend: 

Steamed spring greens topped with a smoky organic minced beef Mexican casserole. grated cheeses and avocado


I picked up some fancy wholemeal bread from the bakery last week and have been enjoying it so much.  For breakfast one morning I had a slice topped with butter, scrambled free range eggs and ketchup.   It was also made a great lunch when I toasted it and topped it with hummus and a whole avocado, yum!   

I’ve been eating steamed broccoli like a trooper this week:


This was an organic beef Balti with vegetables, steamed broccoli and basmati rice.  I even made myself a small plate of broccoli for an evening snack and covered it in basil pesto.  The coconut water and pineapple was very refreshing:


I think that I may have a slight addiction!


Strawberries are another thing that I mad for at the moment and had some chopped with Greek yoghurt and some gluten free buckwheat cereal, which was like eating a bowl full of summer! 


Of course Good Friday wouldn’t have been Good Friday without a buttered hot cross bun, ate whilst flicking through all of the tasty treats in Woman and Homes Eating Smart magazine.

18 weeks

I’m now 18 weeks pregnant, which means I’m almost half way there!  It was great talking to my friend yesterday about her pregnancy and labour, she gave me lots of reassurance and I’m very excited about where this journey is going to take me.   My bump is pretty much the same size last week, no change there.  However, the baby had been having a party in my belly and I’ve felt fluttering and ripples galore this week.  I wasn’t sure at first, but the sensations have become more consistent. It’s so strange to think that there is a little person moving around inside of me, it’s such a magical experience. 

So with feeling the baby move and some potential business plans coming together (more on that soon!) it has been a very exciting week.  Not only that I’ve had my very first article published ove on the Cosmopolitan UK blog exploring the pros and cons of sugar alternatives, check it out!   Also,  I’ve had two guest posts published on the fabulous Where are My Knees? on how to make the perfect green smoothie and another one over at Sparkles and Sprint on how to get more veggies into your meals.  Phew!  It has been a super busy week!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! 

Have you tucked into your Easter chocolates yet?  What  Easter treats tempted you this year?

What has been your favourite thing that you have eaten this week?


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Cooking means something a little different to everyone. Some folks enjoy cooking for the challenge it presents while others do it primarily to ensure a healthier diet. There is one thing for certain, however: it is definitely easy to fall in love with cooking. 

The pre-packaged delicacies and convenient foods available in most markets today might be delicious, but are they the best dietary solution available? Often, these foods are processed and contain higher amounts of fat, sodium, and sugars, which could pose health problems down the line. Furthermore, how many fond memories are associated with a pre-packaged dinner? The answer, for most individuals, is not many at all.

Cooking is important

Appreciating and understanding the importance of cooking is a great way to cultivate a passion for it – and who doesn’t love the taste of home cooking? Meals made from scratch are usually much healthier than what one gets eating out or when buying processed foods at the store simply because the one who is cooking is in full control of the ingredients. There is never any doubt as to what is in the meal.

 Once one understands the importance of cooking, it is a lot easier to get into the game – and remember, cooking isn’t rocket science. Sure, there are some complicated recipes out there, but for the most part cooking is really pretty simple!

The ideal kitchen

A well-designed kitchen can definitely add to one’s inclination to cook at home. For most people, cooking in a kitchen that they love makes the whole experience a pleasant one – even if the meal doesn’t come out as expected (which can happen to anyone from time to time). Some homes are fine with a basic kitchen – some cabinets, a sink, a work surface, a fridge, a stove, and a table – but for others, that just isn’t enough.

When the kitchen is poorly designed it can be a real hassle to make a meal, so it is important to give the layout proper consideration. The three main points of any frequently used kitchen are the sink, refrigerator, and range, and so it is a good idea to make sure these areas are all within close proximity of each other. If it is impossible to remodel the kitchen, incorporating a kitchen island can do wonders.

 For those who really love to cook, there are scores of storage solutions, appliance upgrades, and design tricks that can make any kitchen a joy to work in. For many people, it is fun to cook with others around, so a large dining table in the kitchen will not only add another work surface, but is also a great way to include kids and guests in the meal-making process. The design and décor of the kitchen also helps add to the joy of cooking – so consider sprucing up the cabinets with some new hardware, or refinish the wood to make the room a little more appealing.

Many of the things that can be done to improve the cooking environment are simply down to sound planning and won’t cost any money, while others may require a small investment. One thing, however, is certain; the kitchen should match the owner’s passion for cooking.

Who is the boss the kitchen in you home?  Do you like spending time in the kitchen?


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