Teapigs Review

A little while back I was generously offered the chance to try and review some Teapigs:

As you can see I was sent quite a variety of flavours in the Teapigs range. 😀

Teapigs were founded in 2006 by Nick and Louise, both of whom have strong backgrounds in the tea industry.   The company is very much involved in the ethics of tea growing and set up their own Ethical Scheme, which works to support the deprived regions that Teapigs’ buy from.

The tea itself comes in what I think is a rather beautiful silken pyramid that is bursting with herbs and spices.  All of the tea flavours are very unique and definitely not you everyday herbal tea.  For me specifically I loved the Spiced Winter, Yerba Mate, Lemon Grass and the Roobios Crème Caramel.   However there were some flavours that were a little too unique and didn’t agree with my taste buds, some were a little too sweet.  Nevertheless there really is something for everyone with this brand.

You can pick up a box of  Teapigs for £3.99 upwards from their website in selected delis and coffee shops.  Also English breakfast, Darjeeling Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Liquorice and Peppermint and Mao Feng are all available in most Waitrose stores nationwide.

I really enjoyed the wide variety of flavours of these teas and if my tea stash wasn’t so huge right now would consider buying some of the Yerba Mate and Spiced Winter particularly and I would love to try the Chilli Chai flavour.  I’m also dying to try Teapigs’ organic matcha green tea.  It had so amazing reviews and has so many health benefits.


Have you tried Tea Pigs’ before?  What did you think?  Would any of you be interested in trying their match green tea?


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  1. says

    I have purchased the matcha already a couple of times – I love it, it makes great addition to smoothies and makes fab matcha soy lattes. It is very pricey so I tend to wait until teapigs have a special offer on. My little tub is almost empty now so I hope they have one soon!

  2. says

    I love teapigs! I love the chai- the best in the world! I also like the rooibos creme caramel, chocolate flake tea, liquorice and mint. spiced winter red tea! So amazing :)

  3. Ruby says

    They are expensive, and I usually buy my tea loose from a lovely teashop in Bath, but the Ethical Scheme makes it worth it. We are sadly delusioned as to the real cost of things because of the unfit working conditions that people in many countries are forced to endure. Depends on what a conscience will sanction. Occasional treat perhaps :-)

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