Everybody say cheeeeeeese!

First things first…

It’s finally here!  Definitely something to smile about, a huge cheesy ear-to-ear grin in fact.

The sun is still shining and I am very happy that it is.  There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to make the most seemingly miserable of days better.  Although I find tasty eats can also have the same effect too.

Tuesday started off exactly the right way with a variation on my Beet, Carob and PB Green Smoothie.

Again and as always this green smoothie was MEGA!  I mixed beetroot, pb, cocoa powder, spinach,  a banana, xanthan gum, ground flax, wheat germ, oat milk and water.

Smiles all around!  Especially after topping it with coconut, dates and Dorset Cereals simply tasty muesli.

After breakfast I headed to the gym.  My usual spinning class isn’t on until next term, but there is a class on Thursday mornings so I wasn’t sad for very long.  Instead I did an awesome 1 hour interval workout across the treadmill, adaptive motion trainer and the cross trainer followed by my ab routine repeated twice.

Can you believe that the first time I tried beetroot was in my Beet, Carob and PB Green Smoothie! Yup!  I was a beet virgin, but boy am I glad that I’m not now.  Not only does it taste amazing and makes everything a pretty purply pink, one major reason to like it alone in my opinion.

So feeling the beet love lunch was the leftovers from my Squash, Beet and Feta with a Sweet Chilli and Herb Dressing salad.

Instead of adding feta cheese this time I added two large tomatoes, extra chick peas and courgette rounds.

I also ate some sliced kiwi and blueberries and mid-afternoon I snacked on one of my Date and Coconut Slices a pear and a banana.

Dinner was a super speedy vegetable peanut butter stir-fry.

This was tres good of course because of the peanut butter, sweet miso and soy sauce- LOVE IT! Veggies included kale, hispi cabbage, red pepper, brussel sprouts, courgette and half an avocado with some smoked tofu as advised by Laura.  It was fab with the PB and definitely made my taste buds smile!  😀

After dinner I had a mug of warm chocolate soya milk with two pink lady apples.

Breakfast this morning was sure to put a smile on my face as it was sunny and bright just like the weather outside.

Mango and Passion Fruit Tofu

This recipe is loosely based on my Banana and Vanilla Tofu recipe.


  • 1/3 pack of silken tofu (I used Cauldron)
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 passion fruit
  • 1 tbsp of agave nectar

This was so much more richer and creamier than my original recipe.   I topped this sunny delight with a chopped banana, coconut, blueberries, almonds and puffed wheat.

After breakfast I headed to the gym for another cardio session made up of 1 hour of interval training on the treadmill, cross trainer, step machine and the bike.  I followed this with my ab routine and lots of stretching.

Lunch was a simple salad made from mixed leaves, spinach, red pepper, tomatoes, sweet corn and topped with my Sweet Potato Hummus.


Hummus = BIG smile!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a Nakd wild berry bar and an apple.

Dinner tonight was pretty straight forward:

Leftover cottage pie with celeriac mash and steamed purple sprouting broccoli.  So very comforting!  If it could wrap you up in it’s arms and give you a huge hug, it would.  And that would make me smile-LOTS!

Dessert was a yummy Strawberry Mousse:

But sometimes in those worst cases when nothing, not even my favourite food can make me smile I look to a little friend of mine that lives on my desk in the lab…

…and smile back no matter what!

What has made you smile so far this week?  This week has been really productive for me in the lab and I am getting so much done.  I feel like I’m on fire!  Oh and my PB2 delivery was pretty smile worthy too.

What foods boost your mood when your day isn’t going so well? Green smoothies and PB always put a huge smile on my face as I know I’m always on to a winner.

Keep smiling lovelies! 😀


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  1. says

    I think the weather makes such an amazing change to everyone’s mood – I love it!!
    You have some amazing food going on here :) I’m very jealous of your PB2 too! Kabocha squash makes me veryyy happy even though I have it everyday! I’m addicted…

  2. says

    One of the most delicious-eats-filled posts I have ever read. Your recipes and combinations just keep getting yummier by the day, particularly that beet monster and the sweet potato hummus, which I keep meaning to try!

    It might sound odd but a cup of decaf tea with rice milk always soothes me on a bleak day. I have so many issues with food that it’s difficult for one to make me smile without guilt, but a nice cup of tea…that’s where true peace lies for me.


  3. says

    Oohh yay for pb2!!! Can’t wait to see what other ways you come up with to use those babies up! (you always come up with the yummiest combos!)

  4. says

    Wow, you’d never tried beetroot! I luuuurve it. It’s great roasted with other root vegetables and eaten with feta cheese :)

    I like a jazz apple, handful of nuts and a cup of coffee to cheer me up. And / or with some dark chocolate on the side. Slightly random I know, but I find I don’t crash and burn afterwards with that. Of course REALLY though what I like is a piece of cake!

  5. says

    I am in love with beetroot at the moment! And that smoothie looks incredible (:
    I’m slightly intrigued by the PB2, reading about it everywhere at the moment!
    As for mood boosting food, it has got to be green juice and raw chocolate – every time!

  6. says

    Hehe I love the little note :-)
    Food that cheers me up – I used to automatically go for ‘comfort’ food (you know, heavy on the carbs, cheese etc.) but recently i’ve realised its actually fresh, summery foods like huge salads and hummus, and greek yogurt and berries that really boost my mood!

  7. says

    Hello! I’m a new reader, and I love all your eats in your blog. I love curries, veggies, chocolates, and everything! I did order PB2 before and I hated it (too thin for me)…I still have 2 unopened jars in my cabinet.
    I have a large beetroot right now; just wondering, do you used cooked/roasted beets in smoothies? I don’t think my magic bullet can handle raw beets.

  8. says

    Sunshine always makes me happy! I definitely think I’m solar powered or something, I’m just in such a better mood generally in the summer than in the winter months. Definitely going to have to make some of that houmous, yum!

  9. says

    ohhh beets are yummy!! so glad that you’re SMILIN’! I always get reminded that a simple genuine smile at someone can perhaps make their day…or even save their lives! who knows what can happen? :) nut butters are definitely one of my smiley foods

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