I *HEART* July

by Jemma on July 31, 2011

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Well I don’t know about you but July has been one of the best months of the year so far for me.


I was extremely honoured by the fact that my blog was featured on the Channel 4 Food Website

…ran my first ever 10K for Race for Life and  ran a new PB of 1 hour and 1 pesky second :)

…presented at my first ever international conference at the IBRO World Congress Meeting…

…that just happened to be in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, FLORENCE!!!

I got to take in the amazing sights and also got to taste some of the best food ever

Gelato anyone?

…my very clever boyfriend officially became a doctor at his graduation…

…I finally made the decision to become a pescatarian after months of not eating any meat, which means a diet rich in healthy and fresh produce…

…which I just love!

Also I’ve de-cluttered my wardrobe and sold my unwanted items and reinvested the money into a food dehydrator!!!

How was July for you?  What have been your highlights over the past month?!?! :)

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What a fab month for you :)


Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

Thank you!! It has been an amazing month!!!


skinny latte

Sounds like a fabulous month!

Personally July was a bit frustrating for me as I’ve got lots of things in the pipeline that I’ve been waiting on, and I’m not the most patient person in the universe. But the past week has seen a few things resolved and move forward, so now I’m looking forward to an Awesome August :) x



Looks like you had an amazing month! My housemate last year had that dehydrator and loved it :)


Amanda @ Running with Spoons

July really does sound like it’s been an amazing month for you! And you deserve it :D The highlight of my month was definitely finding a condo that I want to buy, and having my offer accepted. Woo! Moving in the middle of September, and I can’t wait!


Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen)

Wow, July really has been a great month for you! You’ve made some amazing accomplishments! :) My recent highlights are the amazing trips I’ve taken lately – Greece, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Newfoundland. And of course riding my horse is always a major highlight! :D

I hope August is as good for you as July was!




Sounds like a brilliant month, wow! Stunning picture of Florence, and lovely of your boyfriend, bless him :-)


vegan aphrodite

Aw, sounds like you have had a wonderful month! The pictures from Florence are so beautiful- I would really love to go!
Your boyfriend looks so cute! A big Congrats to him :D
And to you too, for finishing your first 10 K- that awesome!
Ive had a good month! The highlight must be my friend`s wedding- such a beautiful day! And the fact that I have been able to get some fearfoods back into my diet. Like legumes- most silly fear food ever!
I wish you the best in august :)



Sounds like a brillinat month :-)
Highlights for me were completing another 10k today and also growing my blog – I’ve loved writing every post this month.


Kate @ Embrace Nutrition

What a great month for you – well done on all of it!

My highlights have been going on our honeymoon, turning 30, and getting ready to move to a lovely new home this week! Unfortunately nothing nutrition related, but all great things! x



July was a bit meh for me. Hoping August will be better.

Oh and I would totally read your poster. Perfect picture to text ratio. Some scientists need to learn the difference between posters and journal articles!



oooh you’ll love your dehydrator! I love mine :-)



Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

This sounds like it has been such a great month for you. I’m so jealous you went to Florence! I’m dying to visit Italy.



Wow girl, you had a crazy awesome month!!! I hope August is just as fantastic :)


Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel

Congrats to your boyfriend! That’s wonderful!!! :)

I really wish my July was similar to yours.. it was relaxed though, and nothing went bad so that deserves some credit i assume :)

xoxo <3



What a freakin awesome month!


Ma Ma Megan

Woowhoo awesome month you had!
Mine was crazy, I found out I was moving to a new town so It’s been quite a shock, but I’m ready for august it will be an adventure :)



Looks like the most amazing month! I really want to go to Florence now…looks so beautiful. Congrats again on your 10k and congrats to your boyfriend, he looks so happy in the photo! x


Laura Agar Wilson

Wow what a wonderful month you’ve had! This month I’m looking forward to my birthday and experimenting with my dehydrator too!



July flew, but in the best way! Congrats to your BF and Florence looks lovely! In less than two weeks, I’ll be in Europe – yay!



It sounds like you had a pretty spectacular month! So much good stuff – so little time!

My month was pretty darn good as well. Actually, all summer has been pretty great, except for the extra work I’ve done with my house, but even that can be rewarding.


Tessa at Amazing Asset

Woo girl, what a fabulous month you had! I love these pictures and I am so glad you did this type of post. I am a new reader to your blog so I have missed a lot of these… time to catch up :)



Wow I am so jealous of your amazing month!



gelato! July sounds like it was awesome!:)


Natalie @Will Jog For Food

WOW, looks you had a ridiculously amazing month!! I’m dying to go to Florence :)



What a great month!! Congrats on everything! (and to your boyfriend! what an accomplishment!)


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