Under the weather…

Hey, hey hey and happy Monday!

I had such a wonderful weekend enjoying the sun. Saturday was just spent at work (standard!), but Sunday was spent enjoying this amazing Autumnal sunshine.

My sunny and chilled out Sunday started with a early morning 10K, which was just great as I took it nice and slow and enjoyed every step of it.  I completed my 10K route in 59 minutes, which I was totally chuffed with. 

Afterwards came my post run smoothie…nothing unusual there! :)


It included spinach, a banana, chocolate protein powder, water, xanthan gum and guar gum.  Then on went the toppings of dried cranberries, homemade cashew nut butter and some pink apple granola. Totally delicious!

DSCF1217OOTD: Floral strappy top, Forever 21, utility shorts, Warehouse, wedges, Sole. starfish earrings, French Connection, gold filigree bangle, Dorothy Perkins, aviators, Ralph Lauren @ House of Fraser 

In the afternoon we headed to the park near our house for a relaxing few hours in the sun, which was just perfect.  Sometimes doing nothing can be one of the best things in the world.  Especially in my life at the moment as I’ve got a lot of things going on all at once.  It can get a little hectic and taking some time out is very rare, so taking a walk in the park and sitting there reading seemed like bliss. It’s always the simple things:)


DSCF1212  DSCF1209


Up until that point everything was going great.  It was the perfect Sunday until randomly my belly started doing summersaults and I started throwing up.  I don’t know what the hell was going on, but it wasn’t pretty for sure.  After keeping a low profile all of today and sleeping lots, I’m feeling much better now.  

With my stomach still feeling weak I kept my eats pretty straight forward with a small bowl of banana oats made with water for breakfast:


Although I couldn’t resist a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dollop of homemade cashew nut butter and smidgen of raspberry jam.  This bowl of robust and hearty oats was just what I needed and saw me right on the road to feeling my usual self again.

With my appetite completely shot I thought it was best to eat regardless as I believe eating good food can make all the difference when recovering from a spell of sickness.  So in came the rice cakes and lots of them today.

DSCF1236 Rice cakes topped with vegan pesto and half a mashed avocado- such a tasty combination!

DSCF9274 Rice cakes topped with smooth peanut butter and chopped dates- the best!

I’ve been snacking lots of plums and apples and drinking lots of tea to keep me going.  Eating a little lighter, but foods that are still satisfying and nourishing has really helped my stomach.  But I cannot wait to get back to normal tomorrow. 

For dinner I decided to stay with the simple and easy in my stomach route with my Carrot and Lentil Soup:

DSCF9429 I think soup is the cure for all when it comes to feeling ill.  Everyone has soup when they are sick right?!  It’s so comforting and medicinal I honestly felt loads better after this.  Hopefully after a long sleep tonight I will be 100% again.  I’m not ill that often so this bug or whatever it was really knocked me for six.  Anyways, as I always say “always focus on the positives” and thankfully I’m feeling much better and ready to attack tomorrow the best I can.

What kind of foods do you like to eat when you are feeling sick?

What is your favourite flavour of soup when you are feeling under the weather?


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    I’m sorry you’ve been really ill, but glad you’re feeling better now :-) I’m totally addicted to rice cakes at the moment – everyone says they taste like cardboard, but I love them and it’s all about the toppings for me.
    When I’m ill I like sweet stuff, but vegetable soup is also good.

  2. says

    Aw bless you, being ill is never nice, hugs! Soup is my answer to everything, whether I’m sick or not haha. But like you, I just try and stick to simple healing foods when I feel crappy – vegetables stews are always a winner. Packed full of veggies and so comforting.

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    Oh no sorry to hear you were sick! I get random sickness bugs sometimes but luckily they go pretty fast. For some reason I crave peanut butter and banana’s after a sickness bug – I think its for the salt and the potassium! For soup, I love my Garlic, leek and greens soup which is so mellow and tasty :-)

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    That’s so weird – I’ve been feeling as sick as a parrot and all I wanted tonight was soup… I was just wondering why you always want that when you’re ill and writing my next post in my head – great minds!
    You look gorgeous in that picture and I love the shoes; sounds like a perfect day until the lurgy struck :-( Really hope you do feel better tomorrow x

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    So sorry you’ve had such a nasty bug!

    Plain old tomato soup would be my sickness preference (I always had Cream of Tomato, good old Heinz, when I was little) and I always want salty foods too. Plain jacket potatoes would also be on the list with some melted Pure Spread.

    Feel better soon!!


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    I’m glad you’re doing better. I hope you’re back to 100% soon. :) I asked the hubby to get me butternut squash soup the last time my tummy was hurting. He went to the store but picked one up that had a ton of cream and saturated fat in it. Ugh – my tummy wasn’t loving that one! haha. Now I stick to noodle soup or something like that.

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    Im sorry you got sick during the weekend (although the rest of your Sunday sounds lovely!). Im happy you feel better now :) And yes, soup all the way when Im sick. When Im sick I only want smooth warm thing, and blended veggie soups are perfect for that!
    The rest of your food looks delicious too! Avocado+pesto are amazing!!

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    I can’t wait to read the Help, is it good? Stupid assignments atm! Wow awesome 10k time and love your outfit! Glad your feeling better :) The sunshine is incredable, such a blessing, gutting it ends tomorow though – booo!

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    I am sorry to hear you weren´t well, but I believe you are alright and happy and active again :) Oats and soup are a way to go when you afeeling unwell. My faves are potato-mushroom soup or carrot-orange soup, depending on the weather. Or a very simple vegetable broth, when I need to calm down my stomach.


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