Only 4 days left ‘till Christmas…excited much?!  This is by far my favourite time of year so I can’t freaking wait!!


This week I will be sharing my eats and treats of yesterday as I think they are pretty tasty.  I’ve been really bad with my camera recently and have just been using the camera on my phone as it’s always to hand.  So this weeks WIAW pictures are courtesy of Instagram, which is fast becoming my best friend!

Yesterday morning I headed to the gym to do an extra cardio workout in my normal weekly routine.  Since it now officially the Christmas holidays at uni the gym have decided to suspend the Body Pump classes until the 10th January, which is really bad timing as Body Pump 80 has just been released!  It’s been 2 weeks now without Body Pump and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms already.

Instead I did a 5K HITTs treadmill run plus 10 minutes of intervals on the bike and the cross trainer and abs and core work.  This really got me all sweaty and made up for the suspended Body Pump classes.

I was super hungry after all of that cardio so I made up a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum blueberry and cinnamon cereal with two sliced pink lady apples and soya yoghurt mixed with peanut flour.


I just love this cereal so much…so delicious!

Before lunch I was packaging some of my foodie Christmas gifts into their bags and couldn’t help but having a bite of my Marbled Chocolate Bark…yum!


For lunch I was craving a huge plate of veggies so I made a huge beast of a salad…


This included little gem lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, raw chestnut mushrooms (new obsession!), basil tofu, dried cranberries, cashew nuts with a drizzle of strawberry and balsamic vinegar that I received in my Secret Santa.  This really hit my veggie craving and the strawberry balsamic vinegar is divine!


Another veggie craving hit for dinner too!  I made a Thai green curry from a store bought paste that I had in the cupboard with some aubergine, French beans and hispi cabbage.  I served it with steamed broccoli and brown rice.  I think Thai green curry has to be one of my favourites I just love how creamy it is and how great the vegetables taste. IMG_0863

For dessert I snacked on some dates and clementines- just love these at the moment!

Do you have a favourite curry that you just love?

Are you all prepared for Christmas yet?  I just have a few presents to wrap and some baking to do and then I’m all done…yay!


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  1. says

    I’m not surpised you couldn’t resist that bark – but I know I wouldn’t have been able to stop at one bite!
    I can’t believe it’s so close now – I’m almost done but I never really feel ready and I’m working till the end of Friday so I don’t reckon I’ll feel it till Christmas Eve… very exciting :-)

  2. says

    I have one more present to buy for my mom and then I’m all done with shopping! I need to go grocery shopping too. I’m dreading it- the grocery stores are packed!

  3. says

    I’m excited too!!!! I’m flying homw today (at the airport now actually) and then I’ll finish up my shopping tomorrow. I couldn’t buy too much ahead of time, because I didn’t have much room in my suitcase! haha

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