Foodie Blog Swap 2

Hey guys! It’s time to do the round up post for the Foodie Blog Swap 2.  I really love organising this international food swap on Celery and Cupcakes and I’m really happy that you enjoy taking part.

There are quite a few bloggers that took part so I better get started!

Firstly,  my swap partner was Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen who sent me all of these goodies:


My package to Sarah:

IMG_9387 (1280x853)

Rachel @ Rachel’s Delicious Journey swap partner was Ashley @ Rhythm of My Mind:

From Ashley to Rachel

From Rachel to Ashley

Emma @ The Sweet Tooth Runner swapped with Yinkee @ Hong Kong Intern:


From Yinkee to Emma

Unfortunately Yinkee hasn’t posted any photographs of what she received from Emma yet.

Lucy @ Porridge and Parsnips swapped with Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life:

From Sylvia to Lucy (still awaiting the arrival of these goodies!)

From Lucy to Sylvia

Cat @ Knitting Running Eating swapped with Kasey @ Love My Demons

cat swap (1)

From Cat to Kasey

From Kasey to Cat

Nicky @ Kabocha Fashionista swapped with Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean:

From Lindsay to Nicky

IMG 2409 The Evolution of a Smoothie

IMG 2408 The Evolution of a Smoothie

From Nicky to Lindsay

Lauren @ Powered By Peanut Butter swapped with Meredith @ Dare You To:

From Meredith to Lauren

From Lauren to Meredith

Kate @ Embrace Nutrition swapped with Errign @ Errign’s Adventures:

From Errign to Kate

From Kate to Errign

Leigh @ Peanut Butter Nutter swapped with Alicia @ All Kinds of Hungry:


From Alicia to Leigh

photo (2)

From Leigh to Alicia

Laura @ Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish swapped with Liz @ I Heart Vegetables:


From Liz to Laura

Liz has only just received her swap so hasn’t posted about it but I will be sure to include the pic of her swap in due course.

Such an awesome bunch of swaps!!! Thank you to everyone that took part you all put so much effort into your swaps.  It’s great see so much transatlantic foodie heaven in blog land.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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    aaah this was so awesome!! thank you SO much for putting this together Jemma!! i have a photo of the stuff I sent Yinkee if you want it! I hope she has got it, or gets it soon if she hasn’t yet! :)


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