Blueberry and Raspberry Wholemeal Pancakes

Lazy weekend mornings are all about the food for me, taking the time to produce something that little bit extra special.  During the week I barely have time to taste my breakfast let alone make it so when the weekend comes and I have more time I like to savour every mouthful and enjoy my breakfast in my own time.


After my run on Sunday morning there was nothing that could have been more perfect than a stack of pancakes to hit the spot!

***Cue some amazing pancakes***


These right here are super fluffy, crazy delicious and easy and speedy to make.  I enjoyed every single last piece and that’s including the crumbs!


Ingredients (vegan, makes 5 medium sized pancakes)

1/2 cup of wholemeal flour

1/2 cup of peanut flour

1 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of cinnamon

a pinch of salt

1 1/2 cup of almond milk

1-2 drops of vanilla stevia

a handful of raspberries and blueberries

Mix all of the ingredients together to make a smooth batter, stirring in the berries at the very end so they remain whole.  Drop heaped tablespoon anounts into a hot prepared frying pan containing oil (I used rapeseed oil)  in equal portions to make small pancake shapes.  When the batter appears to form bubbles on the surface it means that the pancakes are ready to flip over to cook on the other side for a few minutes.


I just  love how the golden brown pancakes are speckled with the jewel colour of the berries when they are cooked.  I decided not to make a sauce for these pancakes like I normally would as they were just great by themselves.  Alfie decided to steal one from my plate and he loved them too!

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Ahhhh I wish I had the time to make pancakes every day, so so delicious!

Do you make pancakes regularly? What do you like to put in your pancake batter?

What’s your favourite lazy weekend breakfast?


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  1. runningcupcake says

    They look amazing, and I love the idea of using peanut flour in them too :)
    Pancakes are such a good breakfast, but my fave treat is cinnamon rolls, but they are saved for special occasions :)

  2. says

    I love making pancakes but I haven’t made them for ages! They are my favourite post long run treat! I usually make them with spelt/oat or chickpea flour. I like pumpkin pancakes, and I like adding protein powder to the batter too. Adding peanut flour is a great idea though!

  3. says

    You have inspired me to start having pancakes every Sunday.
    Most people seem to do this but I haven’t gotten on the bag wagon yet.
    Will try this out next Sunday for sure!
    Over night with with chia seeds is a great breakfast if you are in a rush.
    I’m not in a rush in the morning but I still have these as they are so delicious and healthy.. Raw and hello Omega 3 :)

  4. says

    These look delicious! I tried making some American style blueberry pancakes a while back and they weren’t nice at all. I think once I get some peanut flour I’ll have to try these out!

  5. says

    I hadn’t had pancakes in forever, but my new manfriend made me blueberry pancakes the other morning and they were amazing! My favorite pancakes ever though are made with wheat germ and spelt flour – so good!

  6. says

    The pancakes look awesome! I haven’t had any in forever, but I need to make some – they’re getting so much love in the blogosphere lately and they keep making my mouth water. :)

    But I can’t try them this week, because (though I thought my summer would be boring with minimal travel)…. I’M FLYING TO LA TOMORROW! I just booked a national commercial, so I’m flying in tomorrow, having fittings and rehearsals Thursday, shooting 5am to 11pm Friday, and flying back Saturday – in time to make it to my Sunday shift (10am to 7pm) at the ice cream store where I work. Ah, life :)

  7. says

    Oh wowza these looks so, so delicious! I usually great apple into my pancakes and add raisins and cinnamon. Not a huge fan of pancakes, but the thicker the better!


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