WIAW: First Date

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month- I hope August has started out on a high for you all!

Well what a shocker the UK sunshine has disappeared to be replaced with rain and grey clouds again, geez should have known that it wouldn’t last.  The changing weather has left me with a bit of a cold so I have been nursing that for the past few days, but I haven’t let it get me down though and have ben trying to carry on as normal.

Peas and Crayons

This week for WIAW I want to share my goings on from Monday because I was treated to a lovely meal and it was  just so good that I had to share.

I kick started my day with a lovely bowl of fresh peaches and strawberries with some peanut butter Cheerios which was a nice treat as I have been trying to use them sparingly like I mentioned in my latest vlog.  I poured over some unsweetened almond milk and had an ice cold glass of water too.


I love adding fresh fruit to cereal, it definitely makes it more satisfying and another way to get in more fruit into my day.

Later that morning we popped out to Hobby Craft and TK Maxx to buy some wedding craft supplies and props to dress the reception venue.  I’m really happy with what we picked up, all that is needed now is for us to get our wedding DIY heads on.


Shopping OOTD: beige cardigan: Zara, blue vest: Forever 21, skinny jeans: Forever 21, scarf: Forever 21, pink rose bud earrings: Forever 21, moccasins: Forever21.

This outfit was a total Forever 21 love fest- such a great shop!

All of that shopping worked up my appetite so I picked up a lovely blueberry smoothie from Boots. 


These things are so handy when you are on the go!


When we got home it was time for lunch so I made a lovely salad of mixed leaves, courgettes, smoked salmon, half a baked sweet potato and some chunk hummus, so good!


Afternoon snackage was a chopped pink lady apple and 3 pitted dates to tide me over.  I definitely need this extra fuel to get me through Jillian Micheal’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1 workout- it’s such a fab yoga routine!

Later on in the evening it was time to get ready for our date night.  We headed to our reception venue for dinner.


a cheeky snap of the restaurant


To start I had the salmon gravlax with Bellini’s.


My main was the sea bass fillet with roasted fennel and crab meat balls (sorry the actually name on the menu for this dish had so much more finesse than I could ever muster!)


An dessert was just amazing!  I delved into a delicious slice of chocolate heaven, a chocolate tart with cookie dough ice cream.

I think it is easy to see that it was  a pretty amazing meal.  I’m so excited to see what they come up with for our wedding breakfast.  This got me thinking about mine and Alfie’s first date. 

Our first date was seven years ago and we headed to Nando’s after work and went to watch a movie.  Funnily enough Hitch was playing at the time so we watched that, very cliché I know, but it was such a great first date.   Since last nights date night was in pour wedding reception venue it was amazing to realise how far that we have come as a couple.

What did you do for your first date with your partner?

Have you ever had a bad first date?

What is the most delicious thing that you have had to eat today?


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  1. says

    Wow, if that’s what the food’s like, your wedding breakfast will be brilliant. I love sea bass – and can see why that pudding’s called chocolate heaven!
    Peanut butter Cheerios sound fab and I agree; fruit with breakfast is alwasy the way to go.
    I’ve had a lot of bad first dates – most of them ended up being last dates too ;-)

  2. runningcupcake says

    That fresh fruit for breakfast looks lovely- I have been loving nectarines and raspberries with cereal at the moment.
    That dessert looks so good too (and the food looks so fancy).
    We went to see a gig for our first date, but it was with a bunch of friends too.

  3. says

    That’s such a lovely story :) Your reception venue is absolutely gorgeous :) that will be so pretty I’m sure :) also, great meals! That chocolate tart looks fabulous

  4. says

    I’ve never heard the pinch-and-a-punch thing, before, but that’s adorable! In middle school, someone told me that saying ‘rabbit, rabbit’ first thing would make the month lucky :) I’m so spoiled by fresh fruits in my cereal that I just don’t really like it without anymore! I’ve never had a boyfriend and not many first dates (not really any official ones, except for one that was hugely awkward and was not followed by a second) so….

  5. says

    What a gorgeous venue! I bet the food at your reception is going to be the best people have ever had.

    Best thing I’ve eaten lately… either the cauliflower crust pizza or the carrot cake batter I posted today.

  6. says

    I’m in love with your salmon dish!!!
    And I’m in love with this post!!!
    I don’t have a “partner” per say, but I do have someone that I’ve fancied since 2004… and have since been “seeing.” :)
    Our first date was he picking me up from university in his pimped out Infiniti SUV, taking me here…
    Opus, Since renamed to Braddock’s.
    And instead of bringing me flowers? He brought me a perfect pair of shoes, size 6 (36 for you Brits), and it was the most wonderful present that I’ve ever received. :)
    Lovely post. xoxoxo

  7. says

    I love peaches in my cereal– yours look soo good! And yes, I’ve had a ton of bad first dates….that clearly never led to second dates- ha! You have to weed through all the bad ones before you find the good ones!

  8. says

    how cute :) oh my goodness i love it and love your blog!! i know that your wedding is going to be great. my first date was almost EIGHT years ago with my still boyfriend…. we were barely 14 so we could not drive and went to dinner with his parents for his birthday. haha!!

  9. says

    On mine and Iestyn’s first date, we also went to the cinema, and were supoosed to watch whatever action blockbuster was out at the time, but for some reason the only thing they were playing was Cheaper By the Dozen 2, so we ended up watching that!

  10. says

    such a nice story. I and my partner never had a propper first date. We knew each other for a while through mutual friends, but not really good. Then, now nine years ago, the whole gang decided to go on holiday to Spain. We got to know each other better there, bonded over so many things, and it became clear we would be so good togheter, but he didn’t want to go any further there, scared I would think it would be just a holiday think. And then as soon as we got back, he came over and kissed me.

    everything for you wedding looks so beautiful!

  11. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says

    oh wow this meal looks delicious! I wanna attempt your wedding too if the restaurant serves that kind of food!!! in austria we always just rely on simple food that everyon likes, mostly meat, not many veggie or fish options. beautiful place too, where is the restaurant located? (just curious, promise i wont show up ;)

  12. says

    What a beautiful venue for your wedding!

    My first date with Tom was the best first date in my dating history, so it was a good omen. We met at Embankment station in London, had dinner on the Southbank, then walked up to the Tate Modern and he kissed me on the Milennium Bridge. He recreated the date when he proposed two years later :D

    The worst first date I ever had with someone was back in Melbourne – I had met this guy in the line at Hungry Jacks (Burger King in Oz) so it was never going to go well was it – we went out for drinks and he asked if I had any nicknames. I told him most people called me Phil, as I hated being called Pippa, the usual nickname for Philippa. He proceeded to call me Pippa for the entire evening. Needless to say there was no second date!!

    Recalling it makes me so glad I found Tom ;) I’m so looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans….hopefully in person soon! xxx

  13. Chrissy Grace says

    oh i looove hitch! your dinner date looked amazing !!

    our first date was actually a “non date” – we were “just” meeting for a coffee in cafe nero in covent garden at 3pm – and by 10pm we were still hanging out !! deffo love struck from the word go – our first proper date the following week was cocktails and watching Slumdog millionaire !

    glad to see you do date nights too – so do we ! think that they are so important especially when busy lives get in the way :)

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