Welch’s 100% Pure Grape Juice Review

A little while ago I was invited to the launch of the new Welch’s 100% Pure Grape Juice, but as luck would have it I was unable to attend the event.  However, Welch’s generous sent me some of their new products to try…

….16 litres in fact!  I was sent 3 varieties of grape juice to review which included Rose, White and Purple 100% Pure Grape Juice.

We really enjoyed trying these in my house, Alfie in particular.  In fact we only just finished the last carton a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get very experimental with them as Alfie guzzled them before I go the chance to.  I did enjoy adding them to some mocktails too and they added a great taste to my green smoothies.  They are equally as good straight up as they are which is how we have been drinking them the most.

You can pick yourself up a carton of Welch’s grape juice in most supermarkets and most often than not they are on some great offers.

Have you tried these grape juices before?  If you haven’t which flavour do you think you would enjoy the most?

Do you have any fab mocktail recipes?


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  1. says

    I’m not trying to be snobby here! haha. But I’m not a fan of juice unless it’s fresh juice from home, or mixed with veggies…haha. I know, it’s weird. I guess it’s because they can be too sweet for my taste sometimes. But I think out of Welch’s, I pick the white grape over the red one because it tastes a bit…lighter?

  2. Alison Yeung says

    I used to loveee white grape juice! I have not had it in such a long time though. Maybe I will try it again one of these days!

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