WIAW: Going for Gold!

Hey guys! I hope this week is treating you well.  It  is just flying by for me as I’ve pretty much had my head stuck in my thesis and haven’t really been up to much else.

Peas and Crayons

But of course it is Wednesday and I definitely couldn’t miss out on a whole heap of deliciousness that WIAW brings every week.  For this weeks WIAW I want to share my goings on from Monday as to be honest it was the most interesting day of the week so far.  Interesting because I managed to take a break from my thesis and get to the hairdressers for some pampering time, which you will hear more about soon!

My morning started pretty early as I had to do the usual Monday 5.15 am run to the train station to drop Alfie off so that he could get to work.  By the time I got back home it was 6 am so I thought I might as well go out for a 3 mile run followed by 3 x 12 push ups, crunches, lunges and squats.

After pottering about the house and catching up on some blogs I then got ready for my hair appointment:


OOTD: white vest top: H&M, lace top: Forever 21, dark blue skinny jeans: Forever 21, gladiator sandals: Office, owl necklace, Accessorize, gold bangle: New Look.

Before I left I had a lovely breakfast of soaked oats with vanilla extract, goji berries, chopped pitted dates and unsweetened almond milk with a banana and mango smoothie and some green tea.


I love soaked oats as a speedy alternative to overnight oats and I have a little how-to post on overnight oats coming up soon!


On the way to the hairdresser’s I thought that I would treat myself to a large soya vanilla latte, which was just delicious.


I knew that I would be in the hairdressers for a while so I was so thankful that I had remembered to pack a pink lady apple and some almonds for a great snack.


When I got home I raided the kitchen as soon as I got in as I was starving.  It seems sitting around for hours being pampered can work up an appetite. I toasted a bagel and topped it worth some sweet chilli hummus with a side of raw veggies.  This really hit the spot!

In the afternoon after getting some research work done I fancied a snack so got straight to it:


Greek yoghurt, blueberries, honey and fresh basil!


I had lots of mushrooms that needed using in the fridge and some left over roasted butternut squash so I decided to throw them together with some aubergine in  a tomato sauce.  Steamed broccoli and a some pesto made this very speedy dish very tasty!


For dessert I pulled out a slice of my Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Cake from the freezer and warmed it in the microwave and then added some non-dairy vanilla ice cream, holy yum this was good!  Sorry for the bad pic it seems that it’s getting that little bit darker earlier now…blah!

I’ve really been getting my head down an working hard to get my thesis finished.  After 3 and half years of work I really hope that I have produced something worth of a PhD, which would mean the world to me.

Well I better get back to it and work like I am going for gold!  How great are team GB!?

Have you been working hard towards something lately?  Is the end in sight?

What is the best thing you have eaten today?

Don’t forget to enter the AXA PPP healthcare photo competition which opens at 10 am today until Friday 10 August at 4.30pm.  You can read the details about how to enter here.


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  1. says

    Mmm mmm mmm delicious!
    Your mushrooms… butternut squash.. steamed broccoli with pesto has just prompted my stomach to rumble with hunger!
    Best thing I’ve eaten today? It’s 1:09am, and I’m currently enjoying a gorgeous glass of pinot noir (directly from an official pinot noir glass) – oh this glass has created a most gorgeous pinot noir experience!
    Happy WIAW! :) xoxoxo

  2. says

    Oh wow, all of your food looks delicious! Especially the brownie cake. GB is doing amazing! I was so happy Andy Murray won :) Though I am still an Australian and was glad Anna Mears won the cycling gold she always wanted, despite being a fan of Victoria Pendleton.

  3. Shelby @ EverydayVeganGirl says

    fresh blueberries with yogurt and fresh basil sound like such a great combo…I have a whole basil plant that may be put to some good use now!

  4. Sprint2theTable says

    Best of luck wrapping up the thesis! I know that will be a HUGE relief.

    That PB brownie sounds incredible. There’s nothing better than PB and chocolate together.

  5. Jess says

    Well, I can only imagine the satisfaction of completing a PhD after so much hard work – it would be lovely if I could get to the stage you’re at with that!

    I found a jar of chocolate PB2 I’d forgotten about, so a bit of that was a nice surprise as part of lunch today :)

  6. says

    I’m sure your thesis will be great. I remember finishing my dissertation for my degree and it was such a relief but you just feel so proud of what you’ve achieved. I can’t imagine what finishing a PHD would feel like!

  7. LilyLipstick says

    Congratulations on the end of your thesis being in sight! It must be so satisfying to finish something after 3 years of hard work. Love your outfit here – that owl necklace is so cute! x

  8. Liziheartvegetables says

    Good luck on wrapping up the thesis!! I’m sure you’ll be able to do it :)

    Work has been crazy busy lately, but today it FINALLY started to slow down so that was awesome!! haha


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