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A little while ago I was contacted by Wahanda to see if I would like to review one of their deals. Wahanda works exactly like Groupon but specialises in spa days, beauty treatments and hair styling. In need of some pampering I snapped up their offer, no questions asked.

There was so much variety on their website in terms of the different treatments that were on offer, however Coventry isn’t the biggest city around and I found that the deals for where I lived rather limited. So I looked at what they had in Birmingham instead and there was so much more choice.

I’ve always wanted to put colour in my hair, but because I have it chemically relaxed I was always dubious that I would end up looking like a bald turkey after putting too much chemicals in my hair. The last time that I had my hair relaxed was in April which meant I was way of the advised time of colouring my hair after a relaxer (6 weeks). I thought this would be the perfect chance to break my hair dying virginity and decided to take the plunge.

My hair naturally is a very dark brown with an unusual reddish tint when the light shines on it. As a bride to be I didn’t want anything too over the top and out there. Here are some of the looks that I thought might suit me:



I have the same complexion as most of these beautiful girlies so thought I would try to aim for something like this. Although I knew that my hair wouldn’t look exactly like this as my voucher was for half a head of highlights and a cut with an advanced stylist.

I decided to go and get my new doo at PuroHair which specialise in organic hair dyes which I thought would be much kinder to my hair.


The salon is really pretty inside and a lot of attention has been paid to make sure that the organic theme runs throughout the salon with light and airy mint green painted walls, bamboo framed mirrors, eco-salon bio-degradable towels and vegan leather chairs.


I had a consultation with an advanced stylist called Lucy, who was just lovely and seemed to understand exactly what I wanted and specialized in afro hair. She is also a newly-wed which meant that we had a lot to talk about and I got lots of wedding hair ideas too.

She pulled out her colour charts and suggested some things to me, as it was only a half a head of highlights that I was booked in for she explained that she would spread them around my hair like a full head of highlights. I thought this was a great idea as since this was my first time of getting my hair dyed I wanted something subtle and not too obvious to start me off.

What my hair looked like before:


After 2 hours of colour and toner, blow drying, straightening and trimming my new and improved doo was ready. I don’t thing the colour shows up to well on these pictures but my hair now has a caramel hue and I love it.




Since I’m getting married in a few months I didn’t want anything taken off the length so I just had my layers put back in a trim. Purohair also stock organic hair products which have not been tested on animals. They used products by Kevin Murphy on my hair: Hydrate me wash, £15.95, Luxury Rinse, £15.95, Young Again, £22.95, they smell like creamed coconut and I was tempted to eat the products! In addition to hair colour I have also been thinking about american dream hair extenstions too.

Overall I was very impressed with PuroHair and everything that they stand for. I think it is great that there are now organic air salons out there, it’s just a pity that they are so far and in between.

Have you tried a Wahanda deal before? What did you think?

Have you been to an organic hair salon before? Do you use organic hair and skincare products?


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