Sesame, Lime and Basil Falafel

Ahhh chick peas! I think out of that big treasure chest of protein packed goodness or more realistically the disorganised chaos which better describes my rammed cupboards, chick peas have to be one of those store cupboard ingredients that I could not live without.

The just go with everything, literally everything! On top of salads, hummus, chana dhal, stews and socca (chickpea flour) the list is endless.


One of my favourite vehicles to get my chick pea hit is falafels. When I was doing my grocery shop last week and searching for my beloved Cauldron tofu I eyed-up their pre-made falafels. I was tempted to buy those too but I resisted the urge and decided to put my many tins on chick peas at home to good use and make my own.

My first attempt at falafel turned out pretty damn good…


I’m so proud of these babies…


Crisp and golden on the outside and soft and full of chick pea goodness in the middle…


Ingredients (vegan, makes 12 falafels)

400g of cooked chick peas (tinned or dried)

2 tbsp of sesame oil

2 tbsp of lime juice

1 tbsp of fresh basil leaves

1 tsp. of cumin

½ clove of grated garlic

2 tsps. of black sesame seeds

Salt and pepper to season

Place all of the ingredients in a food processor and blend until well combined. Taste the mixture to make sure that you like the balance of the flavours and adjust as necessary.

Take small pieces of the mixture and roll in to balls. Put the uncooked falafel balls in the fridge covered to allow them to firm up.

In a pan heat some oil and cook the falafel until they are golden brown and crisp on the outside and then devour until your heart’s content.


These are probably the best thing that I have made in a while and I cannot believe how incredibly easy they are to make. You can literally make a batch on the morning and then refrigerate them and cook them later or freeze them and store until you need them. They different flavour combinations are also endless. I would love to try a Thai version at some point and maybe a sweet version with PB and cinnamon, how tasty would that be?!

Do you make your own falafel? What are your favourite things to add to falafel?

What are your favourite ways to eat chick peas?


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  1. Bronagh says

    I love falafel so much! I’m guilty of buying the cauldron ones though, they’re just so easy and convenient to put with salads or smoosh into pita breads etc. This recipe looks amazing, love the idea of basil and lime together and so easy and quick to make. I’ll definitely be trying it out soon :)

  2. Laura Agar Wilson says

    oooh I love falafel! I like my falafel bites and the sweet potato falafel from the Leon cookbook, these look lovely!

  3. Jess says


    I’ve tried several falafel recipes and the last one came close to the bought ones…it was about 99% ‘there’ but perhaps a little dry in texture. I’ll have to give these ones a go – thanks for the recipe :)


  4. says

    Wow I’m really impressed that you made your own falafel! It looks absolutely delicious :) I love chickpeas too, my favourite thing is to have different flavoured hummus!

  5. emma says

    These look truly scrumptious! I haven’t made my own falafel before but I love them in wraps and on the side of my mixed dinner plates.

  6. says

    I love making my own falafel, I sometimes make falafel burgers too. I usually bake them in the oven though, the texture is slightly different but they are still yummy!

  7. says

    Just look at that perfectly golden brown crust! Mmm! Love the flavor combo too…never thought of trying basil and lime together! I’ve only made falafel a couple of times (baked versions) but they came out great! Sarena’s cauliflower falafel is amazing! Gotta love chickpeas!

    I usually stick to making hummus (I know, boring) but there’s nothing like roasting up some chickpeas and adding them to a crisp green salad! :)


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