Vlog: Strength Routine Update

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week.  Open-mouthed smile

I thought it was time for another vlog and I have been meaning to post an update on my strength routine for a while and I talk about my approach to strength training workouts in this short vlog.

As I mentioned in the vlog I’m no fitness expert at all, quite the novice actually.  This is just what I find works best for me and I thought I would share my current routine with you all:

upper body workout

lower body workout

These workouts usually take around 50 minutes each and I’m really loving them.  I have been doing this routine for 3 weeks now and because I like to make sure that my body remains challenged I like to switch up my workouts every 6 weeks.  This gives me 3 more weeks of this routine, yay!

Well I hope you found this little strength routine update helpful, please let me know your thoughts.

Do you love strength training?  Where do you find inspiration for your strength routines?

Do you have any recommendations for any strength training resources that you have found useful?


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  1. says

    I love strength training. I usually follow a program, so I followed NROLFW for about 6 months and then LiveFit for 3 months. They were pretty intense though, but LiveFit is great and I’ve never felt better than after following that program. 6 days a week was too much for me though, so I am repeating it now but doing 3 of the workouts a week alongside my marathon training. I like to change up my routine every 2 weeks, I can’t stand doing the same thing over and over, I get bored to easily and end up going through the motions. Bodybuilding.com is a great resource for strength training programs and moves, with videos and pictures that help with proper form. I think that the women’s health book of exercises is a brilliant resource too. On that note I am off to the gym for some leg training!


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