Weekend, what weekend?

Is it me or did this weekend just zoom by?

I’ve had another great weekend despite most of it being spent at work.  The weather was so rubbish on Saturday, so it was nice being able to have fun with my work mates for what was a very busy couple of days- I’m totally exhausted now!

Real Technique makeup brushes- my weekend treat to myself!

This weeks workouts have been great:

Monday: strength workout A from my current routine

Tuesday: Yoga for runners and hip opening podcasts

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Body Balance

Friday: strength workout B from my current routine

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 30 day Shred level 2, total killer!

I have been mixing up my workouts recently and really enjoying the variety that they have each week.

I have been loving my eats this weekend and have really been enjoying my eggs.


This is a repeat of a lunch that I had in the week, but I loved it so much I just had to have it for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with spinach on a Food Doctor Pitta with a dollop of ketchup, yum!


Obviously, if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day so I like to make every breakfast very special and these Peanut Brownie Batter Overnight Oats really hit the right notes!

I popped some oats, chia seeds, water, cocoa powder, vanilla stevia, peanut flour and water in the fridge over night so the flavours could mingle and the chia seeds and oats swell.  In the morning they were good to go with some added blueberries to take them to the next level.

When I went grocery shopping I bought a huge bag of carrots and have been snacking on them like a rabbit. 


I’ve really been enjoying eating them with full fat Greek yoghurt with tahini.


I also fell back in love with kiwis and had a few chopped up with some cashew nuts.

Last night I made a really delicious dinner with some leftover brown brown rice that I cooked during the week which I heated through with some full fat coconut milk- if you haven’t tried brown rice in coconut milk then you so should!


On the side I had a sweet chilli stir fry with baby corn, broccoli, red peppers and chick peas, this was so good!


More egg love came in the form of a 2 egg ommelette with peanut butter and raspberry jam with a peach, banana and blueberry smoothie.


I also dived into this amazing salad for lunch- recipe to come tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

How have you spent this Bank Holiday weekend? I’m working the whole of it, but I don’t mind so much as after I’ve submitted my thesis I have lots of wedding fun and relaxation to look forward to.

Can you believe that there is only 4 months till Christmas?!?! Where has this year gone?!


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