Bye Bye Summer!

It’s that time of year again where we are in the transition of summer going into autumn. I love this time of year and all of the wonderful seasonal produce that autumn brings: hello, kabocha squash!


Looking over some of my posts from this summer I can easily say that it has been a great summer of eats…

summer eats

Yum! If we could only rewind back to the start of summer so that I can enjoy these all over again.

There are certain foods that I will only eat mainly in the colder months such as hot oats, stews and casseroles, basically good hearty food. During the summer I am all about my smoothies and salads, however I could never give these up just because the seasons have changed. They are both just so versatile that you can easily change the flavours up to suit both hot and cold seasons.

Seasonal celebration salad

I know it’s not quite the end of summer yet, but it’s getting close.  Yesterday for lunch I made a super delicious salad which was a celebration of the different ingredients that I have loved in my salads over the summer.

Ingredients (makes one huge salad beast!)

  • Big handfuls of mixed salad leaves

  • raw carrot ribbons

  • sweet cherry tomatoes

  • beetroots

  • goat’s cheese

  • salted cashew nuts

  • sultanas

Well, I don’t think I really need to explain how to make a salad right? This is so quick and easy to make and  is just a simple chopping and assembly job.


I didn’t see the need for a salad dressing as the ingredients were flavourful enough all on their own.

Holy yum!  This salad really tastes great from the creamy and milky goat’s cheese, the salty cashews and the sweetness coming from the beets and the sultanas.  It’s definitely my kind of salad and a celebration of everything that I have loved in my summer salads.

What would you put into your salad celebrating summer?

What foods are you looking forward to for autumn?


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