WIAW: The calm after the storm

Hello friends!  I hope your weeks are shaping up nicely.

I’ve had a few stressful days working through the busy Bank Holiday weekend and trying to work my thesis around that as I planned to submit it on Friday.  Bank Holiday Monday was just hellish at work.  We took the most sales in the company, there were customers running riot all over the store. it was rammed!  Since I work in retail administration there was a mountain of paper work and finances to process too.  By 6pm when I had finished my shift I was run ragged and had an evening of thesis work ahead of me.

As you can imagine with all of this going on working out has been the least of my worries of the last few days and I have been using this extra time to get more of a mental workout from my thesis.

Peas and Crayons

Well, it’s Wednesday now so that means that it’s time for this weeks WIAW.  I’m going to take you back to Bank Holiday Monday as despite the madness I still managed to get in some delicious eats, I do have my priorities after all Open-mouthed smile.

I started my day with a simple green smoothie made using spinach, a banana and unsweetened almond milk.  On the side I hade a huge bowl of kiwi’s, blackberries and grapes topped with full fat Greek yoghurt and honey.


I couldn’t resist adding some salted pretzels to my bowl of fruit:


Mid morning I snacked on a chopped yellow pepper and some sweet chilli hummus:


When I finally found a moment to breathe I too a some time out for a quick lunch break. 


I made a variation of my Seasonal Celebration Salad, but also added brown rice and celery too for some extra staying power and took out the cashew nuts and sultanas.  Love this salad!


Later on at my desk I snacked on a wonderful brownie from the Happy Kitchen, seriously these taste so good! Dense and fudgy, just how I like my brownies.

Unbeknown to Alfie After it was a very exhausting day, but when I got home he surprised me with a 3 course meal which he went out and got from M&S, bless him.

On the menu…


A salmon burger with salad and a sweet chilli dressing


Seafood Paella with veggies

There was also an unpictured slice of treacle tart.  It was too dark to take a decent image of it, but it was delicious!

This was exactly what I needed and whilst he was in the kitchen putting it together I got some thesis work done. I really am a very lucky lady and I’m so excited to be getting married.

Luckily my second supervisor who hasn’t yet read my thesis is really wants to read it. He’s been on holiday and I was just going to submit with just my main supervisors corrections.  Although I was looking forward to getting rid of my thesis on Friday I am quite happy that I no longer have to run around like a mad woman and can take my time. I still think it will be only a few extra weeks before I submit as it is virtually ready to be printed and bound.

My life seems so much calmer now after manic Monday, so much so I’m now off to get my wedding dress fitted, which I wasn’t excited about on Monday because of all of the pressure I was under.  It seemed more like an inconvenience as it was time that could have been spent on my thesis, but now I cannot wait to meet my dress!!!

It really is the calm after the storm.

Have you ever been under so much pressure that you could just explode?

Do you have a special someone in you life that just seems to do the right thing at the right time?


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