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Hey everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends. This weekend has been all about work for me, so I have really taken pleasure in lazy evenings in with Alfie watching movies and generally just chilling out.  Sometimes it is so nice to simply do nothing.

The highlight of my week has definitely been trying on my wedding dress!


Me and my mum celebrated in Starbucks with a chai latte and blueberry muffin, amazing!

This week I have been extremely relaxed with my workouts.  As I mentioned in a previous post earlier this week I have been rushed of feet to the extreme with work, wedding planning and thesis deadlines all coming to head at the same time.   So working out has been the least of my priorities and I’ve just been doing bits here and there which I have really enjoyed:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: my own 30 day Shed style workout

Friday: workout A

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: MTV Yoga DVD

For me to feel comfortable in coming off my workout plan proves to me that I have come on in leaps and bounds where my views on fitness is concerned.  Before I would have freaked put about “coming off the plan” even a miniscule.  I think there were some insecurities there and perhaps a fear of not being in control of my life because I was unable to fit everything in.

After trying on my wedding dress and it fitting like a glove, made using the same measurements that were taken in March means that I haven’t put on any weight and have been able to maintain the same shape for all of this time.  I’m definitely more confident now that my more relaxed workout routine is working wonders for me and allows me to do the things I love, eat what I want including full fat food and still maintain a healthy weight.   I’m definitely loving life right now and have proved to my self that I don’t have to be sweating hours in the gym to be healthy.

This weekends meals have been the perfect example of my more relaxed and balanced approach to my health and nutrition:


A toasted wholemeal bagel and topped with sweet chilli hummus with chopped raw veggies.


Tasty combo of kiwis and blueberries!  And yes I leave my skins on my kiwis out of shear laziness and because I adore them this way.


My first green smoothie in a while and it was so good!  Spinach, banana, unsweetened almond milk, ice cold water, cinnamon, vanilla stevia, camu camu berry powder topped with white mulberries and goji berries. 


The best snack EVER! A pink lady apple with homemade trail mix containing salted cashews, honey seeds, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and dried prunes, yum!


Buddha bowl love: brown rice, broccoli, red kidney beans, squash and beets.  So simple and yet so delicious!


Snack plate dessert was a fab choice for a night infront of the TV it included cherries, strawberries and 2 of my Mini Dark Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Cookies.  I just love these cookies the recipe will be on the blog soon so watch this space!


Carrot Cake Oats made on the hob was the incredible on a very grey and cloudy Sunday morning!


Yummy salad beast of mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, red pepper, goat’s cheese, cucumber and celery.

I’m really loving my eats and exercise right now.  I think I’m going to have a delicious tofu curry for dinner tonight perhaps from our favourite takeaway as  a treat after getting through a hellish week and a movie with my hubby to be.

How do you feel when you come off your workout plan?   Do you feel confident enough to trust your body and be more relaxed where your eating and fitness is concerned?


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  1. Maria says

    I think it shows what you are doing is perfect for you if you have the exact same measurements. :) I used to feel more guilty about missing a workout, but I have realised that sometimes that is what I need, whether I am too busy with work, or a little bit under the weather. So long as it does not become a habit then it is fine, and I enjoy them too much to miss them all the time.

    • Jemma says

      I’m exactly the same. I could never go without working out for long stints, but if I have to miss a work out it’s no big deal.

  2. Fran says

    Your weekend sounds lovely. Its good to hear that you can break from your work out these days and allow yourself to relax. Next week I am off on my hole so will be going a week without the gym. I generally find I can relax completely on holiday with regards to exercise but at home if I break my routine I know I start to feel a bit uncomfortable and not myself- I tend to find myself itching to be active!
    Your carrot cake oatmeal looks yummy by the way, how did you make it please?

    • Jemma says

      Oh it was delicious and so simple to make. I made them on the hob with a grated carrot, cinnamon, and sultanas, I cooked them in water an then stirred in some almond milk afterwards to make themm extra creamy. I also recommend adding some coconut too, but I was out.

  3. LilyLipstick says

    Those oats look so good – the one thing I’m looking forward to about colder mornings!
    I do feel bad if I miss a workout but I try to remind myself that living my life is far more important than being in the gym. I try to just fit in workouts when I can rather than plan them as life and work seem to always get in the way when I try to make plans! x

    • Jemma says

      I think your approach is great. I love working out, but if I miss a workout because I am too busy it’s no big deal.

  4. says

    I always eat kiwis with the skin on, glad I am not alone! I really don’t like skipping workouts, more because I find it affects my mood negatively more than anything. I will try to listen to my body though and take rest days if and when I need them.

    • Jemma says

      I’m glad that you listen to your body and take rest days. If I cannot fit in a workout I would rather just leave it or do something more gentler than planned to prevent the risk of burning out.

  5. says

    I’m really glad that you are able to relax now and have a more laid back and positive approach towards exercise. It definitely sounds like it’s doing wonders for you!
    Excited to hear about your wedding dress fitting, that must have been a lovely feeling :)
    Your food looks delicious, especially the bagel and the dessert snack plate!

  6. says

    “I’m definitely loving life right now and have proved to myself that I don’t have to be sweating hours in the gym to be healthy.” – that’s what it’s all about and finding workouts that you enjoy rather than feeling you “should” be doing, is brilliant. I think health is as much about mental wellbeing as it is physical so if you’re happy, that’s the best possible boost :-)

  7. says

    Great to hear you are finding a good balance with everything, it seems that a lot of us HLB are coming full circle with our healthy living lifestyles. Love that you made your own 30 day shed style workout, the shed gave me a little giggle cause I always spell it like that on accident too ;-)

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