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I kid you not, and I think I have mentioned it before that one of my most favourite British traditions is the great Sunday lunch.  This particular meal holds so many childhood memories for me as we always had roast dinners at my Nan’s house when I was younger and it was always a big family effort.  My nan would be looking after the meat and her famous Yorkshire puddings and my mum would be on the mash potatoes etc.  The family boxer dog, Butch, would be hovering around and hoping to get a piece of the action. My granddad would come in from his archery club right on cue, just as lunch was being served – it was as if he could almost smell it!

It’s funny how certain foods and meals can be associated with memories.  So many happy memories from my childhood are derived from big family meals and when I have these meals today I am transported back in time.

To help carry on this British tradition,  Aunt Bessie’s have launched a fun campaign called ‘Added Roastiness’ – involving grannies Mabel and Margaret, and an adventure with a mobility scooter!  The advertisement is pretty hilarious and very tongue in cheek, you can take a look here:

Aunt Bessie’s Roast Dinners and their Yorkshire puddings can give my Nan’s pudding’s some tough competition I’m sure.  I think they were my favourite part of her roast dinners, she taught me her top tips to getting them to rise and become super fluffy inside.  After dinner we used to have the left over puddings with strawberry jam, just like she used to when she was a little girl.

What is the best part of the family roast dinner for you?  Did your grandma give away any of her cooking secrets to you when you were younger? 

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    I love the familiarity of a roast on a Sunday as well. Such a British thing! On a Sunday it was always a roast for lunch then afternoon tea in the evening.
    I think my favourite part of the roast is the stuffing, and lots of gravy!
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