How to deal with change

27 November 2014

Throughout our lifetime we experience lots of changes in all different areas, some are welcomed with open arms and others we would rather not have occurred.  When you are set in a routine it can be hard to adapt and readjust to changes in your life no matter how small.  It’s perfectly acceptable to be […]

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What becoming a mother has taught me about myself

25 November 2014

I can’t believe that we are approaching the 2-month mark since Aiden’s birth, time is just flying by and I’ll have my 2-month update on the blog shortly.  It’s amazing how much you can pick up in a short space of time.  This post may be slightly premature, but in the very little time in […]

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Cheese tasting & an epic bowl of porridge

23 November 2014

Happy Sunday, I hope that you have all had a wonderful week.  Aiden and I have battled colds this week so it has been a bit of a crappy one for us.  Also the weather has been a bit pants too, which means we have been stuck inside for most of this week.  I’m literally […]

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The changes to maternity & paternity leave

22 November 2014

Today I have a lovely guest post for you about the recent changes to maternity and paternity leave.  This is a subject that is close to my heart, it was such a shame that Alfie had to return to work after only 2 weeks - by the time we felt settled it was time for him […]

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{Recipe} No Bake Bakewell Thumbprint Cookies

21 November 2014

There are some classic cake and biscuit recipes that shouldn’t be tampered with.  Has anyone heard of healthy version of the traditional shortbread?  Meh, me neither and I tried, I really did, to make a healthier version of one of my favourite biscuits but I failed epically. Luckily, there are some classic recipes that can be adjusted […]

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My desert island healthy living products

20 November 2014

Thankfully, how healthy living is defined today varies from person to person.  The majority of society has finally woken up (albeit there is still some progress to be made in some areas) to the fact that healthy living is subjective and has finally recognised that we are all individuals; I’m definitely a supporter of the […]

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