Eat the rainbow and feel fabulous*


You may have heard the phrase ‘eat the rainbow’ doing the rounds when the topic of healthy eating is raised. Mainly it’s used to help those whose everyday diet is lacking in variety and revolves around beige to eat more nourishing and nutritious food.  Not only is eating a colourful array of fruit and vegetables…

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Why the countryside wins every time


Moving to the countryside may seem like something that you do when you’re old and grey and settling into retirement, but nearly 3 years ago as newlyweds, Alfie and I decided to move to the country from the city and haven’t looked back.  We absolutely love village life and although it may not be for…

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Celebrating 100 Years of Fitness*


There is a huge portion of the population signed up to gyms and looking to get fit and healthy this summer.  I think that it’s so positive that there is a fitness movement at the moment and people are making a conscious effort to improve their health and well-being by taking up a favourite sport, dancing,…

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All about gut health by Kezia Hall from Super Naturally Healthy


I am so excited to be here at Celery and Cupcakes and introducing you to one of my most favourite subjects – gut health. You have probably seen the term gut health plastered all over the internet so today we are going to look at what it actually means and why it is relevant to…

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