I’m a major fan of coconut right now, it’s one of my favourite healthy living products.  I’m even using it as a moisturiser let a lone eating it non-stop! Recently I had the chance to review a selection of products from Cocofina, which you can read here.  This bundle includes lots of coconut based buddies including […]


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by Jemma on May 13, 2014

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Happy Tuesday friends!  Hope that your week’s got off to a great start and if they didn’t well I may have something up my sleeves that will help perk you up a bit. It’s constantly in the media about how we should all be doing more sports and exercise, due to the increase in obesity […]


If you were to pop by my house for a lovely cup of tea you will get the impression that I have a bit of an obsession with pictures and photographs.  There are frames in the window sill, on the bookcase, shelving and collages on the wall.  I love capturing special moments and enjoy being […]


I’m really excited about this flash giveaway, which is being hosted by one of my wonderful blog sponsors Arapina. Arapina make a lovely selection of butter free cakes, based on their traditional family recipes. They have just revamped their website, so go and take a look as well as having a browse of their tasty […]


{GIVEAWAY} Fruyo Greek Yoghurt

by Jemma on February 4, 2014

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Greek yoghurt is one of my staple fridge items.  Whether it’s to have for breakfast with granola and fruit, for dessert with frozen berries, as a cooking ingredient or a garnish for my chilli or curries, I like to know that I have a my trusty pot of Greek yoghurt on hand. I’m a big […]


A little while ago a was offered the opportunity to review a selection of items for The Protein Works.  Admittedly I had never heard of this company before and after looking over their website I was intrigued. At The Protein Works their ethos is to be innovative, challenge and push the boundaries of all the […]