Guest Post: How Meditation Can Help You Look Great*


Meditation is something that can have a really positive effect on our thoughts and feelings and is primarily associated with finding relaxation and calm. Surprisingly, it can also have an influence on our physical appearance, which is definitely not unwelcome! Here are a few of the ways in which meditation can make you look, as…

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5 Ultimate Ways To Boost Your Vegetable Intake Without Even Trying


Only up until a few years ago I actually enjoyed eating my vegetables and throughout my childhood my mum struggled to get me to eat them.  My grandparents were keen gardeners with two massive allotments where they would grow their own vegetables from runner beans, carrots, potatoes, beets, parsnips, courgettes – there was nothing that…

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The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise By Simply Supplements*


It’s summer time! The sun is shining (occasionally) and the birds are singing, it’s the perfect time to get outside for some exercise! No more working out in a sweaty gym, running nowhere on a treadmill and wishing you were anywhere else! It’s time to get back in touch with nature and feel the benefits…

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Getting Fit With The Family This Summer*


Our house is pretty health conscious and we eat well 80% of the time and allow ourselves to indulge now and then too, which I think is so important for a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Now that we are parents we really want to set our baby a good example and take regular walks as…

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5 Easy Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep*


Sleeping is amazing for your health.  It’s one of those simple and very easy things that we would all like more of, but always struggle to get enough sleep on a regular basis.  I always feel like I can take on the world after a decent night’s sleep and with a new parent it’s an…

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Guest Post: New Families and Meditation*


One of the things you notice as you advance through your twenties and beyond is a marked changed in the content of your Facebook feed. Photos of neon-waving and nights out start slowly disappearing, to be replaced by squishy newborns, perfect and glow-worm like in blankets. It would be easy to think, looking at such…

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