There are many factors that can help to keep an individual’s skin looking and feeling healthy. A balanced, healthy diet can help people not only minimise, treat, and prevent certain skin problems, but also enhance their skin’s natural beauty. For example, studies show that about one third of individuals who suffer from acne can see […]


So we all have big dreams and aspirations when it comes to our fitness routines, especially when we are just starting out.  The problem is trying to obtain these fitness goals and making sure that we are staying accountable.  Most of the time we put far too much pressure on ourselves and with today’s busy […]


Today I have a really interesting guest post about protecting yourself when you’re doing sport.  How to avoid damaging your body, making sure you research supplements you’re using, ensuring your gym/sports club is taking the right measures to protect you, including hints and tips for general care in this area.  Image source If you’re heavily into looking […]


I’ve always been in the agreement that healthy living can be achieved on a budget, it really doesn’t have to be expensive.  This insightful guest post is packed with a multitude of suggestion to help you achieve this. We live in a time where there’s a wealth of knowledge and opinion on leading a healthy […]

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Gillian Mckeith was on to something when she spouted on about ‘you are what you eat‘ – an affirmation that I firmly believe in. What you put into your body truly does have an effect on your outward appearance, if you put good stuff in you will get stuff out.  I have already covered some of […]


The very lovely Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar for Life, was in town a few weeks ago:  To tell you a bit more about Sarah, she is an author, TV host, blogger, health and wellness coach with over 20 years of experience across different media platforms. As a former editor of Comopolitan magazine […]