Banana and Apple Butterscotch Green Smoothie


So this is the first One Step Closer to Healthy post of 2014.  If you are new to the blog this series of posts are led by nutritional content, healthy inspiration, tips and guides to help you feel great. These posts go live on the blog every Monday.  For those of you who are catching…

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Cocktails, girlfriends and M&M’s


Cocktails to celebrate the start of the weekend…yes please! On Friday night all the medics were out celebrating the end of their junior doctor training.  They say that medics have the best social life’s as they always come up with a reason to celebrate. We headed out to join in the celebrations with Alfie’s friends…

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Hello lovelies! I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far! I have good feelings about June already! Last month was such a fantastic month for me mainly because I got to spend more time with my husband to be and we got major serious with the wedding planning.  So as months go May was…

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Sunday Catch up: Run in the Sun


The sun was still shining early this morning on my 5 mile run: It was great to get out there at the crack of dawn, not only to avoid the burning rays but it was actually really peaceful as there was no traffic on the roads. I am loving my running at the moment even…

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The week that was…


Happy Friday folks!   Woah! I’m so glad that the weekend is here, especially because I have Sunday as a day off this week.  I think I am going to make it  a relaxing one since I have been rushed all week with a mountain of work and I was working on Bank Holiday Monday.  It…

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WIAW…Favourite foods


Hey hey!  Another Wednesday has come around again and it means that it’s time to share some foodie goodness with y’all! A little while ago I posted about my favourite ways to eat certain foods in this WIAW post.  Since I’m still hibernating in Oxford I haven’t really taken that many pictures of my meals…

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