Cherry and Coconut Tofu Pudding and GIVEAWAY winners!


Last week when the Spring like weather graced us in the UK my usual winter food eating habits went straight out of the window.  I was in the mood for salads, fruit bowls full of berries and lots of smoothies. Breakfast for me is one of my most favourite meals of the day and should…

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Well the end of the month is almost here again and were are heading for June already.  I really don’t know where the time goes-with every month that goes by the time just seems to be speeding by at a faster rate…kinda scary no?!?!? Overall May hasn’t been the most exciting of months for me,…

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Triple Chocolate Nut Green Smoothie


Thanks so much for your awesome comments on my last post.  I found all of your different views on the media very interesting to read.  I haven’t had time as yet, but I will be replying to all of them soon- so remember to check back! Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince…

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